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Put your business in front of potential customers looking for your type of business. People don't use the phone book. They go online. Are you there?

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Every business needs exposure to new and current customers. Out of sight out of mind. Do you want to stay in front of your customers? Claim your online billboard.

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Every business needs traffic whether it's an Online Business or a Brick & Mortar. Businesses succeed or fail based on how much traffic comes through their site or physical doors. Rise1st can help increase your traffic.



Put your hard earned money to work for many years into the future. Our forward thinking SEO is affordable. In fact, you will only need to make a few sales a month to make an ROI, and it is powerful enough to last for a long time.

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We offer a fully open door policy, and you will have access to our personal emails and cell phone numbers. Whether you just have a question that you want to have answer to, need an update done or have a problem that needs to be resolved, we're here to help and will be happy hearing from you. You will be able to get to know our team. We're not one of those faceless organizations.

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We'll send you monthly reports that include rankings updates along with significant news to keep you informed of any changes within the industry as well as recommendations for helping to secure additional business online.


We are not only geniuses when it comes to SEO (with humility of course), but we also are members of mastermind groups along with many of the best SEOs in the world. Because SEO is an always evolving practice. We discuss what practices are effective and which practices are not are longer as effective.

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Welcome To – We are a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Marketing, Online Asset Marketing, Website/Topic Syndication and more.

Search Engine Marketing – The search engines are the new “Phone Book” where your customer are searching for your products and services.  Are you there?  Are you visible? Ranking our clients on the first page of Google for a search term that your customers are typing into Google to find a product or service that you can provide.  We are expert Search Engine Optimization consultants that will deliver your online asset to the first page where your customer are waiting to buy your product or service. We Know SEO.

Social Media Marketing – Are you being heard? Are You Where Your Customer spends significant amounts of time?  Do you want to engage your new and prospective customers?  If the answer is “yes”  to one or more of the previous questions, then you “Must be” on social media.  Rise1st Social Media Marketing Consultant can provide a strategy to communicate and engage your audience.

Online Asset Marketing And Development – For your company to be a player in the online digital marketing space. Your company must have or create online assets.  What are online assets? Online assets are Websites, Social Media – (Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest Google and More), Videos, Maps – (Google,Apple, Bing), Images And more.  These online assets will allow you to communicate on what your company is about, present your company’s products and services, what locations and or service areas that your company serve. How can Rise1st help you develop and market your online assets?  Our Consultants are well equipped to enable your business to take full advantage and leverage your online assets via Search Engines, Ads networks and social media networks.

Website/Topic Syndication – The online world is no different than offline when it comes to being seen.  Companies spend millions of dollars to be seen or heard on TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspapers, and many other media mediums.  It’s very important to replicate that in the online world as well.  This will help build brand recognition, and the ability to communicate your company’s message on diverse set of online properties.  Rise1st can assist you with building your company’s syndication network.