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A 90 Percent Rate of Client Retention

Here are some of the different reviews from current customers and why they continue to work with us. Keep in mind, this is without formal contracts. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. While we maintain a result-based approach, we want to ensure we maintain optimal trust with our clients.
Jason has been fantastic to work with! We had been with our previous SEO company for years and didn’t feel we were getting good results. We switched to Jason without hesitation. He’s easy to work with, understand our needs, and gives quick responses to emails. The results have been outstanding. We would highly recommend him!
Lois Shank
5 Star Review
JSG has been incredible to work with. Our site required some major updates on the development side of things and Jason knocked it out of the park. After one week of our updated site being live, we noticed a dramatic increase of leads. We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Jason as he continues to build our SEO and optimize our site.
Theresa Messenger
5 Star Review

Rise1st has been a great company that we've enjoyed working with. We previously worked with another SEO company for a couple of years and we didn't feel as if they lived up to expectations. We ended up switching to Rise1st to seek someone who could deliver on their promises. They were very easy to work with and they went above and beyond to ensure that they understood our needs. They have excellent communication and they've delivered on everything they've sought out to do. We would recommend them to anyone!

Lois Shank

JSG has been an absolute pleasure to work along with. Our website needed a lot of different developmental updates and Jason was able to come through and exceed our expectations. After our new and updated website was live for a week, we noticed a significant improvement in our lead generation efforts stemming from it. We are looking forward to the results that they've been able to give us in a short period and how things will proceed from here.

Theresa Messenger

Rise1st and I have worked on numerous occasions for a lot of different clients and I've been able to see firsthand how much energy and effort he puts into his work. His SEO strategies are highly effective. Rather than focus on basics like keywords, he gets to know every single one of his clients to extensively research their niche. From there, he finds the most productive keywords to optimize his client's sites to achieve result-producing traffic. When you get his SEO help, you are getting buying traffic to your site. I have worked along with him to assist businesses that have established websites and with customers that needed a new website. He's delivered equally for both. The clients have always been happy with his work.

Mark Sussman

We have been working with Rise1st for as many as 2 years on our SEO. Jamel Richardson and his entire team have provided us with SEO results that exceeded our expectations. They have a lot of knowledge about the industry that they passed on to us. Being able to find an SEO company we trusted was difficult and his entire team made us feel apart of the process and we feel confident we are getting more than we are paying for.

Jared Benedetto

Jamel Richardson was there for us and assisted us with all of our online marketing needs. Not only did he assist us with expanding our reach, but he helped with critical branding aspects that we needed. His knowledge in digital marketing proved to be a major boon for us. We needed the expertise and he delivered on all fronts.

Bryan Gembusia

Jamel Richardson and his entire team were capable of delivering results that exceeded all of our expectations. We hired them for both SEO and PPC. From the very first time we met to the present, they've been upfront and honest with us. We've continued to work with them and they've always come through. We worked with 3 SEO companies in the past 5 years and they are easily the best of the bunch. It's hard to find a good SEO company and they are certainly one of them.

Serge Kevorkov

Jamel Richardson has a passion for digital marketing and it shows. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the industry, but he is capable of delivering real-world results. He gave us a thorough understanding of what needed to be done on our site to improve our results. After 5 years of looking, I've finally found the person that has the expertise, knowledge, and mindset that is capable of driving prospects to my website to ensure my business succeeds in the expanding digital marketplace.

Beverly Reider
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